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Full Name: Andy
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Around 155 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Affiliation: Sindikat
Home: North California

Andy refuses to reveal much of his past to anyone, even those closest to him can only guess at most of his past. Even his last name is a well-kept secret. Born somewhere in California, his parents were merchants who travelled over Northern California. Due to raiders, he learnt to fight hand-to-hand at a very young age. His father is an intelligent man, skilled with various forms of technology, something Andy has only limited skill in (Usually much to his frustration when he knows what something is, but doesn't know how it works, or how to use it). His mother was a skilled martial artist, who could use most types of weapon to a respectable degree. She taught Andy the martial arts he practises, and it was her who passed on her katana, a weapon she didn't like to handle, to him. After travelling for the first 16 years on his life, he settled down with his parents in a small village, which has never really been named. Andy continued to practise his arts and found that he was becoming stronger and more skilled as he came closer to adulthood, skills that were tested against another youth in the village, a particularly nasty character, who terrorised the younger members of the community. He tried to suppress the other teenagers of the village, but Andy wasn't going to be pushed around, and fought back. After a couple of years, their feud exploded into near-constant fighting. The two, now men, left the village after this. Andy drifted across the wastelands, fighting those who thought they had the ability to defeat him. Eventually, he made his way to New Nevada, and as he reached Las Vegas, he came across the thing that kept him there: He heard about a fighting promotion that was just starting up. The Pit.

Andyc was involved in the Pit for it's whole existance, taking part in fights, tournaments, and has held every title at one stage or another. He took part in the original Pit tournament, which collapsed. He beat the paper champion holding the belt soon after, becoming the first person to take the belt in a fight. Later on, he was beaten by Treis, but took his title back in a rematch and then held it for some time. He managed to avoid the bulk of the conflict between the Rangers and Badlanders that occured over this time. Arcticfox beat him after this 'war' had calmed down, and Andy immediatly took part in the Dance in the Dope Hat tournament, taking Fox's place, for the Hardcore title. His opponents laid to waste, he became the first hardcore champion, holding the title during the period when Bitterman dissappeared. During this time, he worked with Dagg to rescue the amnesia-suffering Arctic Fox, but with no success. He eventually forfeited the Hardcore title when he defeated Arctic Fox for the New Nevada Championship.

He later took part in the battle that was created around Treis and Soleil, though he had little impact on the battle, except to watch several friends and enemies die. Later on, he lost the New Nevada championship in a bar fight against Arctic Fox. While in Ground Zero, Andyc is present as Rynthas attacks Dagg's clone. However, Rynthas leaves before administering a final blow. Andyc then revealed his disgust for the clone, his dead friend having been replaced by the derranged maniac, shooting him in the head from point blank range. Soon after this, Andyc reaches the Ranger Center, but is immediately thrust into a tense situation with a soldier looking for Dagg. However, after being told of Dagg's death, he then demands to meet the new leader of the Rangers. Andyc then declares that he is the new leader of the Rangers, and takes the holotape the soldier was carrying, in order to ease the situation, and calm any hostilities. Fate would have it, that with the support of several others, Andyc was, unintentionally, at first, touted as the new leader of the Desert Rangers. He eventually decided to fill the shoes left by Dagg, and help repair damage caused by the clones. This created a power struggle between Andy, and Arcticfox, who wanted the leadership for himself. He was then involved in conflicts with the United States Marine Corps, and the Badland Orginials, who launched a mostly-political attack in Arcticfox's favour, to assume control of the Ranger Center, eventually forcing Andyc to resign from his post, and allow Arcticfox to assume control.

Since his resignation from the Rangers, Andy has been out of the limelight. Wandering New Nevada, almost as an extra scout for the Rangers, passing on information useful to his old faction. He was unable to complete his true goal, however; A complete analysis of the marines numbers, and technology. It was a turbulent time for the Ranger's leadership, as always, and Andy was a witness to the death of Arctic Fox in a fight in one of the old Pits. Although the friendship they had had been all but crushed since Fox's amnesia, and the power struggle, Andy was shocked at Fox's death. The Ranger's new leader had turned to more pacifistic ways, letting his hand-to-hand skills deteriorate, which lead to his death.

Shortly after see that a new Ranger leader had been installed, he temporarily left New Nevada, taking the long trip back to California. When he returned, Andy found New Nevada changed. The Rangers sporting another new leader and several new power groups had sprung up. He was then offered a position in the re-organizing Sindikat, which he took up, joining the group in secret. In the time since his return, things were quiet, until the most recent event. He was present at the burning of Highpool, pulling a Ranger from the burning camp, and barely making it to safety. However, as always, still living, and still fighting with his honour, Andy continues to remain quiet in New Nevada. Perhaps someday, he will return to the limelight, as with his Pit, and Ranger days, but only the passage of time can reveal the answer.

Former Guild Leader (Desert Rangers)
Two time Boxing Champion
One time Hardcore Champion
One time New Nevada Champion
Killed Dagg (Clone of)
Killed Sulan
Killed Xanleng