Full Name: Edward Lee Chung Hang
Age: arround 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Hair Color: Black, with a blue streak
Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Desert Ranger
Home: Canada


Edward Lee Chung Hang hails from Vancouver, a city up north from the desert wasteland of New Nevada. Somehow, his forefathers and most of his kind managed to survive the armegeddon of nuclear assault and later, the breakdown of society that followed the apocalypse. The community was primarily chinese, and it was survivors. Maybe it was the same repetetiveness, maybe it was the stale cold dryness of the sea, but at the age of 15, a restlessness came over Edward, and young as he was, he joined a trade caravan heading southwards, preferably to see the world.. until one fateful day, one deadly night, when a marauding gang of vicious thieves attacked his caravan, leaving him the sole survivor of that party.. or so, he thinks.

And so he ran. Or escaped. However the case, he ended up in Las Vegas nearly four, five days later. His quick wit and his equally quick hand managed to get him surviving as a street rat there, pickpocketing, stealing, and cheating others.. until one day, when an enraged bunch of poker players revealed his cheating ways. Chasing him, he jumped into the ragin river down below, and was washed away .. he was literally fished out of the river by a bunch of New Nevada Desert Rangers, returning from a mission. He has stayed with the rangers ever since. His place of origin granted him the nickname of "Arctic Fox", a name that has stuck till today.

"The Pit" was one of Fox's favourite hangouts. Seeking challenge and honour, he defeated Andy at boxing to claim for himself the heavyweight boxing title. His reputation eventually built up, and the feared Sorlag of the Badland Originals one day challenged him to a steel cage match. It wasn't just a title fight. The loser would leave his organization, and the wastelands of New Nevada, forever. In a single stroke of luck, not skill, Fox not only defeated Sorlag, but killed him as well. It wasn't his intention, and he was struck down by guilt. Heading down a path of self-destruction, he was attacked by a gang member one day, in revenge.

Losing his memory was just one of the side effects of that blow to his head. He wandered the wastes, not knowing who he was or where he came from. He was literally used by everyone who he came accross. Ugly's gang, Bradley Whitwater, among others. As well as Bitterman, the founder of "The Pit", who realised Fox's ailment after a group of Rangers, led by the then civillian Kastyr, painfully got him back to the Ranger Center.

Bitterman saw his opportunity, in the weakened Fox. He would shape Fox's already unsure mind, into his own personal tool. He turned Fox into "The Machine". Hardcore, Boxing, Fox did it all. Bitter told him that the Rangers only wanted to use him, and that his true place was 'back home' in "The Pit". Fox believed, and for a long time, Fox was that very person whose past Bitterman fabricated.

But the outside world wasn't the same. Ranger and Ganger tensions were coming to a climax, and two champions of either side perished in fights without meaning. Treis, and General Dagg. Leaderless, the Rangers were lost, disunited, and Fox discovered part of his identity, and his past as a ranger. Realising the tensions would lead to more pointless killing, he returned to the Rangers, with Devil's approval, seeking for peace and unity over the wasteland.

But peace is proving tough to make, and the world, has not forgotten how to hate.

  • Elite guild member (Desert Ranger Enforcer)
  • Held Heavyweight Boxing Title in "The Pit"
  • Held New Nevada Championship in "The Pit"
  • Killed Sorlag