Full Name: Ertancio "Ertai" Gomez
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Affiliation: Desert Ranger
Home: Ranger Center


Ertancio was born in the lower third world country called Guatemala, he didn't have much and lived in a small shack on the outskirts of society, with his mother. When the war started he was just 5 years old, he mostly had to steal or beg most of the time for food, he also ran some drug deals for older kids in the streets.

During the later years, as all the rest of civilization ended and the darker times of the world began, Ertai was captured by slave traders to be sold in Mexico for quick cash. During the trek towards the city some men ambushed the slaver caravan, they attacked everyone, disposing of the guards and the other slaves, as they looked for money and valuables. Some were spared, and they took the older men and women for their own profit and left the surviving children to rot in the desert on their own.

As he was left behind a band of traders came upon him and took him towards the north, near what was once Texas. He spent the next 13 years with the caravan, moving up and down that state and others near it. Ertai developed some skill with pistols and sub-machine guns, since often he had to help defened the caravan from robbers. When he reached 18 years, the life of a caravan runner was boring him. He decided to explore the land, and headed west into New Nevada. He drifted for a few months in and around the state, taking some jobs guarding local caravans again, and sometimes just security jobs. He was moving more towards the remains of Las Vegas, as he continued bouncing from one odd job to another, looking for ways to earn money.

He didn't see many job opportunities, but one day he came across a desert dweller, a twisted wretch of a creature. In fear, the mutant moved to attack, but a Desert Ranger coming almost out of no where, opened fire at the creature and took it down, saving Ertai's life. Thanking him for what he did, Ertai asked him if he knew any ways to earn cash in the area. The Ranger replied that he could stay at the his home base, the Ranger Center, until he found some kind of work. As they headed towards the base together, he knew that this area isn't the best place for a loner. He decided then and there to become a Desert Ranger, in a way thanking the unknown Ranger, hoping to help others, the way he had been helped. Continuing his training as a Ranger, Ertai worked on the missions they gave him, and sometimes in odd jobs such as guarding caravans again, and maybe defending the center from raider attacks.

He sees the past and where he came from he is does not regret it.