Top 10 things to do on Desolation risking a banning.

10. Don't be an idiot. No one likes idiots.

9. DON'T BE A FUCKING IDIOT! Got it now?

8. Don't ask for stupid shit after you get enough points for RP. Examples include, but are not limited to gummi bear launchers, hover boards, and so forth. Gunblades, lightsabres, and the like are completely out of the question as well.

7. Use the NEWBIE channel for questions, it gets really annoying when you get "<Gossip>Fuckhole asks: "OMFG! Were can i get a betr gun?? lolol!1111"

6. It's not all about uber death weapons. Try to think of your CHARACTER for a change instead of how many levels you have and requesting the BFG9000.

5. Original characters. We don't need Vegetas, Usagis, and Heeros running around the wastes. And I'm not just picking on the anime fans, either, fucknuts. No Anakins, or Han Solos either. We're not that kind of mud.

4. Learn the difference between OOC and IC. USE THEM.

3. DO NOT think you have a right to play here, this is Squid's game, not yours. If he should want to ban you, or discipline you for whatever fair reason you have to deal with it. Bitching and moaning for hours will only make us hate you more than we do now.

2. DO NOT use word abbreviations like "u" and "ur" for words. Type the fucker out, would you please? It's only a few more letters. And don't use things like "OMFG!" It only pisses us off. Learn grammar.

1. NEVER, EVER, EVER ask ASL. If people want you to know they'll tell you, don't ask over gossip, newbie, or any public channels.

Have a nice day, love Rylen