It's becoming more and more obvious that if we don't spoon feed you the rules,
you won't use common sense. So, let's start from the top, shall we? All of the
previous rules still apply, of course, and this isn't meant to repeal them in
anyway. Now lets get started.

-Vendors only sell to their guild members for a reason. Don't try to get around
the fact they won't sell to you buy paying members of a guild to buy you
things. Doing so will get you, and probably the person you got to buy you the
item cleaned out. You can only have gear from your own guild in your inventory.
Extreme? No. Just don't do it and you won't have to worry about it, will you?

-You can have more than one character, of course, that's part of the fun of RP.
You don't need to be confined by the same storyline all the time. However,
there are limits of good taste. If you're not going to RP then don't keep
switching back and forth between names to get a stat you want, or to learn a
certain skill. Also we STRICTLY enforce the 'one IP one character on at a time'
rule. There isn't a way around it, just respect the rule.

-Don't abuse the public channels. Instead of making 3 or more small posts over
the channel, try making one longer one-it'll save people from yelling at you
and possibly muting you. Also, NEVER post long emotes (souls) under any

-If you have something in your inventory, it doesn't mean you are going to have
it IC. Especially things that are rare, or hard to come by. IE you may have
countless magazines in your inventory, but think of how HEAVY they would be if
you were to carry them all on you at once. Also, you cannot have things IC that
you don't have in your inventory. Why you ask? Because it's too much room for
abuse. People pulling machine guns out of their ass to fight IC out of nowhere
have happened before. We don't want to see it again.

-Don't ask other people for things you know you shouldn't have. Don't beg for
money, gear or weapons that are obviously beyond your means. That's not limited
to players either, asking wizards for things will probably result in very bad

-Be realistic about your characters description. Everyone around here is pale,
and has a scared up face. I can see the scars, but the paleness is kind of...
overdone and unlikely. You're in the MIDDLE OF THE GOD DAMNED DESERT! I know
all about what happens to skin, seeing as how I live where Desolation takes
place. So try to keep that in mind.

-RP. Yes, you should RP. We like GOOD RP. Let me give you an example of what
good RP would be. First, your character DOES NOT see anyone until the other
character makes an IC entry pose. There could be 50 people in a room, but not
one of them is there in the IC world until they make an entry pose. Secondly,
you don't know a persons name until they give it to you, or someone has told
you IC of their name. This also includes rank with groups like the Rangers.
Unless they have some kind of insignia showing their rank, or something like
that, don't assume you know it. Third, don't automatically 'connect' hits on
people. You can throw a punch at someone, or shoot at them, but don't say your
move hit them. It's called power playing. Don't type out accents. You can say
in context that your character speaks with a deeply seeded accent, but typing
with it just gets insane and hard to understand. Finally, not all of the RPs in
Desolation aren't all fighting. Some of the best RPs I've participated in, or
observed had nothing to do with combat.

-If you somehow can't decide if something is legal, ask a non-Viktor wizard.
you if something is, or is not legal, and save you from being stipped of all
your gear and money, hand cuffed to a donkey and locked in a room with no
exits. It's happened before.

As always, me love you long time. -Rylen.