Top 10 RP rules on Desolation.

10. Abbreviations. Don't fucking use them in spoken words, or to speak over gossip, or newbie. By abbreviations, I don't mean things like "R.C." For Ranger Center, or "G.Z." for ground zero. I mean shit like "OMFG", "ur", "u", and so on.

9. You're here? You better fucking speak English. Coherently. Don't give us any "I'm from (insert your country here) and I no speak engrish." Too bad. We have a Dutchman who, by some way that boggles us all, manages to make sense.

8. You are NOT God, you are NOT Neo, you are NOT as smooth as you think, and your armor has limitations. In other words, you will not dodge all the bullets, you will not dodge every punch, and you will not save everyone. You won't always be a hero, or an antihero, depending on your tastes.

7. You want to be a mutant, or a cyborg? Alright, talk to at LEAST 3 members of the staff, preferably admins, and give a DETAILED profile, and history of your character. Chances are, unless you're a sick, horribly crippled freak, you won't be a mutant. Or if you think your cyber parts will allow you to take bullets, you won't be a cyborg. Detailed RP ability is a must here, as well as comprehension of the technology present.

6. DESCRIBE YOURSELF! The staff is very much on the look out for descriptions. Do not include motions in your description, and keep it realistic. You can't have too much dye, make up, and so on after the war, those would be the least of people's worries.

5. Armor. You wear heavy armor, you won't be able to move deftly. Bulky armor will slow you down, trip you up, and tire you out. But also keep in mind that lighter armor won't protect you as well. It's a toss up between speed and protection.

4. You may like a certain character so much you want to be just like them. Be this character from a video game, a movie, a cartoon, an anime, whatever. However, you must respect the ORIGINAL characters law of Desolation. Using a name, and dressing/acting like that character will only get you in trouble. Use your imagination, it serves a purpse besides mental porn.

3. Vehicles. Yeah, you too can have a vehicle. You gotta RP your ass off for it, but should you get the required amount of points, see for details , you're eligible for a vehicle. You must keep in mind that a log is required as to how you got this vehicle, and how you were able to fix it up. As always, it must be detailed and coherent.

2. Injury. Ok, so you got shot in the ass. How are you going to get the bullet out? You sure as hell can't do it yourself, you'd bleed to death. IC injuries should be taken care of IC, and you won't get better from them right away. There are services availible in the wastes, and possibly your own guilds to help you recover from your injury.

1. POWERPLAYING. WE HATE powerplayers. We think they should be killed in the most horrible fashion imaginable, and often are. You cannot force people to take your hits, you cannot instantly know everything there is to know about everything, you are not all skilled, you are not able to carry anything, you are not able to make a bomb out of duct tape and piss. If you want to learn skills, learn them IC from someone who can show you. Powerplayers will be dealt with strictly OOC, since it is an OOC offense. YOU make your character take a 10 story leap, land on his balls, then get up and walk off like nothing happened. Penalties include, but are not limited to: Muting, item removal, temporary banning, and permenant banning. Play by the rules, folks.

RP is good fun, let's keep it that way. Love, as always, Rylen.