Ground Zero :::::::::::........~~

The Ground-Zero used to be a very popular yet underground punk bar/music-hall/hangout in Nevada, before the war. But after the nukes hit, most of the club's inhabitants were either dead or trying to survive. However, the building itself remained mostly intact, except for the third floor, which was violently removed from the rest of the structure due to the bombings.

The derelict bar remained in its abandoned state for years, until a small group of thugs stumbled across it on their way to Needles. Devil, a vicious punk with a face full of piercings and a fist full of steel, convinced his companions to settle down in their newfound habitat. Making use of the electrical equipment left over from the bands that used to play, they regained power by tapping into Needles's electricity.

Minion, the hulking mohawked pugilist, began selling the ancient liquor to get cash, whenever likeminded thugs passed by to replenish their stamina.

After a while, more and more social outcasts began showing up at the Ground Zero. Punks, tribals, mutants, or anyone who had been ousted from society for being too violent to coexist, or had been persecuted for being different from others managed to find their way to the bar by the handful.

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Important People
Minion is one of the founders of the gang. He's rigged a vending machine to sell firearms, ammo, and copious amounts of booze in order to save him time. All he really does now is watch the bar, making sure nobody causes more than the usual amount of trouble. A behemoth amongst men, Minion is quite dangerous, and it's ill-advised to anger him.
Joykill, Badlander Recruiter
The gun fanatic of the "Originals of the Originals", he helped the gang stay on its feet in its early days by supplying a lot of the guns and ammo. Having mellowed out some, he's chosen to look for new thug material, and now recruits for the Badland Originals.
Iggy, The Mutant Merchant
Iggy led a pretty normal life, up until the point he started mutating. The rest of the town of Needles ridiculed him, kicked his ass, and banished him. In retaliation, Iggy snuck back into town one day and burglarized a vast amount of weapons, armor, and junk from his former neighbors, and went on the run. Out of water and close to drying out in the desert sun like a piece of green mutant beef-jerky, he managed to make it to Ground-Zero, a place rumored to be "The Last Open-Minded Place On Earth", amongst the rest of the unfortunately mutated. He now peddles his stolen equipment to the gang.
Renton "The Genius"
Rumored to be the only one able to read and write in the whole damn gang, Renton's the only guy capable of getting through to the members. With his suave charisma and orating skills, he's educated a lot of the Badlanders, helping them learn the tricks of the trade. He lives in the attic, since he's sort of a shut-in.
Ian, the Mechanic Thug
Ian's responsible for the tapping into Needles's power supply, and re-wiring most of the hideout. Though a pacifist at heart, Ian keeps his position in the group because of his vast mechanical knowledge. He's in charge of promotion and rankings, and sells radios in his free time.

Doc Moreau, Maker Of The Man-Eating Monkey Mammalians

Mad scientist by day ripper-doc by night. No real doctor is going to come to the Ground Zero, unless hes held at gun-point and forced to (which happens more often than youd think). Moreau does some whacked-out experiments most of the time, but hes just as good at fixing the human anatomy as he is messing it up.