Camp Highpool


Before the nuclear holocaust, Camp Highpool was a camping ground and retreat center for teenagers. The out-of-the way locale even attracted some businesses and merchants, and soon the town of Highpool was incorporated with a mayor and courthouse to oversee the activities and attract area interests.

Unfortunately, summer camp was in session when the bombs fell and most of the juveniles suddenly became orphans and homeless. The staff that remained took it upon themselves, with support from the surviving community and civic leaders, to take care of the youth. The camp now struggles to survive as a post-nuclear war settlement mostly left alone by the rest of the surrounding area. Its close proximity to Ranger Center keeps it a relatively trouble-free area and also guarantees a steady stream of travelers to and from the outpost of law and survival in The Wasteland.

Points of Interest
Community Center
Community Center: Here a general store and a gaming hall are maintained by Felbert Morgan, one of the few remaining camp administrators from the pre-bomb era. Felbert deals in basic equipment and supplies.
Doctor's Office
In the southeastern most area of the camp resides Doctor Bush, who generously donates his time and experience to keep the juveniles happy and healthy. He'll gladly accept payment for fixing up travelers to the town; and, he has a reputation for having low fees for services rendered.
A cave is said to be accessible from somewhere west of the Lake. Older juvies go there to get into trouble, and most definitely find it there waiting in the dark.
All that remains of the town's law building appears to be rubble, but are there still secrets to be learned there from the pre-war era?
Important People
The ever-present juvies of this town run the gamut of personalities, from shy, to pleasant, to rude, to outright boorish. Their connection to the grounds is almost mythical and their skin is tinted grey. They live in the dormitories and play in the fields that is their home.
Jackie Foxer
An older juvenile, Jackie Foxer is struggling to learn the ways of the Desert Rangers. She idolizes them, despite their involvement with the disappearance of her brother, Bobby, because they rescued her from a cave on the west bank of Highpool Lake. She has some interesting things to say about her home town and is known to spread a rumor or two.
Felbert Morgan
Felbert runs the Community Center general store. He has a special devotion to the juvies as he was one of the camp administrators at the time of the bombs. He is a good conversationalist, and most say he holds all the secrets, if there are any, to Highpool's history.
Doctor Bush
A relative newcomer to the Camp, Dr. Bush was an intern at the Camp when the bombs fell. He has a bit of a superiority complex when it comes to dealing with outsiders.
The grounds keeper of Highpool is very tolerant and also very dedicated to keeping Highpool a beautiful and clean place to live.
Lake Highpool
One of this area's legends is that the crystal clear waters of Highpool Lake, and also the settlement itself, were named by the earliest travelers to this area who drank from its shores and reaped mysterious effects from the mountain spring water.
Bobby Foxer
This legend was proliferated by the earliest Rangers from Ranger Center who explored the area after the dust from the bombs settled. Legend says that Bobby, one of the juveniles stranded in Highpool, had a dog named Rex who was viciously murdered by Rangers. The Rangers say the dog was rabid and they merely put him out of his misery. After this event, Bobby disappeared and never to been seen again.
The Red Ryder
Less a BB gun and more a character of legend, the Red Ryder is said to protect the camp and pay visit those who cause injury to the juveniles of Highpool. Legend has it that he will appear mysteriously to take revenge on desecreators of the town and it's youth.