Role Playing:
We strongly encourage all of you to role play in Desolation. After all, real life sucks. That's why you're playing a game. Role playing gives you to chance to do things you can't do in real life. Be a thug, a drifter, get in fights, resolve conflicts, or even change the world itself. If you play your role well enough, you will be rewarded with custom items, or even your own room. A better explanation of this system is described below. Also, if you log your RP session, it may be added to the page, for everyone to read and enjoy.

However, we do understand that some of you haven't the slightest idea how to role play, or even what role playing is all about. If you're confused, please see our Guides section.

RP Reward List - A short list of the valid rewards, and their prices.

Rylen's Top 10 RP Rules - Handy tips for roleplaying.

RP Log Submit Form - Send us your RP logs, so you can get points.

Outstanding Logs - Removed for the time being as all the logs sucked. If you have a good log that deserves to be on this plage, please send it to

The Point System:
Role playing, when done right, is a spectacle to see. Like a good movie, or book, it draws emotion out of you, making the world seem real, and you feel like it is really happening. Good acts of role playing such as this, deserve rewards. There are two types of rewards that you may receive for role playing.

Minor = 1 point
Every day role playing. Good acting in character, or a small scene.

Major = 3 points
Outstanding role playing. Excellent character acting, or a large scene.

Remember, asking or demanding RP points is not a good idea. If you deserve something, you will receive it. These points aren't just for counting and bragging rights, they can be spent, on custom items. Please refer to the RP Reward List for more info.

Injuries & Death:
Death is permanent. If your character gets seriously injured, get medical attention quickly of kiss them good bye.

Some RP situations aren't going to be friendly. Shots will be fired, things will be thrown, people will be hurt. Don't be afraid to take an injury. Being hurt leads to great RP, such as a broken arm, being poisoned, or other injuries like having a disease. Just remember that if you do take an injury in RP, play it like you are injured. Don't break something one day, and the next have a miracle recovery. That's bad Role Playing.

The body can only take so much, however. Injuries you take may be too much, and you will die. Death of your character is a decision you make on your own, but it shouldn't be a hard one. Character death leads to great RP later. You shouldn't fear, but embrace death. Just remember, when you chose to die, there is no going back. You are dead. For more on IC Death, read The Rules.