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Introducing the new Desolation Wiki!

The Wiki contains all new content and updated version of the old website content as well as relevant news. If you are looking for any help or answers, the Wiki is the place to turn to first.

Posted by Lucus on June 27, 2006, 05:00 AM

 Shank, Llapgoch Added, Maul & Cleave Downgraded.
The Good News:
A new combat attack for knife users has been added to the game: 'shank' 'help shank' in game for the technical details.

Additionally the 'llapgoch' command has been lowered to require 10% training in the ambush... so it should be usable now.

Ranged weapons now use your accuracy stat instead of your strength stat when determining damage. This means that people with high accuracy will see slightly more damage with firearms.

The Nerf News:
'maul' and 'cleave' had their damage output bonus diminished by 20%, and strength shaves off 5 seconds off the re-use timer, per point (instead of 10 seconds)

Posted by Squid on October 7, 2004, 04:00 PM

 Bags, Pills, Vaults and Player vs. Player Combat.
A lengthy recap of the past two weeks...

BAGS CHANGED (and changing)
-Containers have enough space for somewhere between 2 and 20 items.
-The following bags are converted so far: Burlap sacks (6 slot), the olive green backpack (8 slot), the ALICE pack (12 slot)
-Upgraded containers can no longer be nested inside each other.
-You will be encumbered by items inside containers. However, containers reduce the weight of their contents by 22% to 100% depending on their level. Bags with more items slots are more expensive to upgrade.
-It is my overall goal to discourage people from carrying 200 to 400 items in nested bag after nested bag. I also, however understand that people need to carry ammunition and other basic supplies, so I will be working on this as things develop.

There are currently three guild-oriented vaultkeepers:

-One in the Ranger-Center for Rangers.
-One in the Level 3 Warehouse in the Mercenary Base for AIM members.
-One in the needles library for CIVs.

-They will keep up to two items for you. They will take any normal game item, or any new-system container and put it into storage. Unlike the old cardboard boxes, this does not cost any money.
It is my intention that in the long run, most people will be using very heavy, player-crafted 20 slot wooden crates for their bank storage. They will have a maximum of ten vault slots scattered in various vaults across the world. Some vault slots will be purchaseable from NPCs. Others may be unlocked from quests. This means that in the long run you will be able to put a maximum of 200 items into storage.

-Rumors have been trickling in of travellers being found drained of all bodily fluids near radioactive areas.
-The number of armed guards on duty at the Ranger Center has increased due to a dead body being found in one of the foyers.
Sideburn Ferret has put a lot of hard work into fleshing out the front-area and surrounding yard of the Ranger Center. Thanks Lucus! :)
-The engineers have repaired the shocks in Thrasher's Jeep, and you can use the Ranger Radio once again to request a pickup.

-There is now an open PVP system. If you wish to be able to attack (and be attacked by) other PKers, talk to the Cranium Keeper. Keep in mind that this is a permanent decision. Thanks Armrha! :)
-There is now a BETA duel system. You can challenge another player to a duel by typing 'duel challenge '. There are currently no time-outs on this, so if your target does not refuse or accept the duel, you will be unable to issue another challenge.
-The llapgoch, fullauto and burst abilities as well as explosive charges properly check for PK or duel status.
-The Skull game was reset, and now gives a small exp reward for a 'goal'.

-The large and small bottles of stim pills have been removed from game. I appologize for the inconvenience but we felt that the pills were too powerful in their current form, and that we had left them in the game long enough while trying to decide on a better implementation of portable healing items.

-Our folding@home team is now ranked 829 of 33009. Congrats folders!
Posted by Squid on September 10, 2004, 01:15 AM

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About Desolation:
Desolation is a text-based multi-player game called a MUD.

Thematically the game is based on Wasteland, an old post-apocalyptic RPG set in the irradiated wastelands of the American Southwest.

Desolation is not a newbie-friendly MUD, and intelligent roleplaying is heavily encouraged.