The People

Not everybody you meet has turned hostile under the hot desert sun. Some are quite pleasant, and may even offer you valuable services. Most however are sick, twisted, dirty, evil, low down sons of bitches that want to use you for their own evil intent.

They're listed in alphabetically order by character name.

If you would like your character featured in The People, send us an e-mail with a profile of your character.

Faction Leaders


   William Kurtz


   Rynthas Di'Mirkon

   Viktor Gorchev

Player Characters



   Billy Bob "Armorjerk" Cane



   Bryan Drake

   Peter Bean





   Darkel Durante



   Ertancio "Ertai" Gomez








   Mouse Washington



   Podrez Karamazov

   Puck Poledouris









   Rune "Turk" Azazel





   Zoe "Gorefest" Malkavian

The Deceased

   Arctic Fox




The Undead

   Manji Ogami